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Strategic Partners

Partnerships are key to our success, we choose to work strategically together since we complement each other skills. Our partners are all leaders in their fields, with vast experience and strong track records. We are all committed to the same values and put our clients needs at the center of everything we do.


Ayala Aqua

Ayala consists of a group of sustainability experts, reputed worldwide for their unique ecological and sustainable solution of treatment, management and re-use of wastewater; purifying not just water but also the soil and air simultaneously creating and maintaining a balance in the environment. Ayala uses its home grown Natural Biological System (NBS), a unique know-how inspired and based on the natural science of Phyto-technology to achieve a sustainable solution



The Ambar Group was established to provide turnkey solutions for varied and specialized drone applications.  We have developed the latest technological innovations which provide our clients with enhanced technological solutions for existing and future Drone applications.


Ambar Group has tailored its Drone vehicles and software to provide the latest technological solutions for the Professional Aerial Photography field, Rapid Response Unites, Agriculture, Civil Engineering as well as special capabilities for the Military/Policing sectors.


Ambar Group in joint cooperation with Walkera Technology Co. Ltd  has released its acclaimed new LTE Drones Series coupled with our proprietary LTE Drone Management Software.

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IOTree Sensors

IOTree provides an end to end solution for Palms trees AGRITECH.

Its basic solution comprises of an advanced sensor that can identify pests by listening to the tree, advanced protocols for treating infected trees, minimizing by a factor of 10 the impact of pesticides on people and the environment while maximizing its efficiency. In the process it allows for the creation of the first of its kind database that maps all trees, their status and treatment history. On a second stage more sensors could be added and using big data analysis new insights could be found to reduce risks of diseases and increase the yield level.