Green Wastewater Treatment 

Constructed wetland 2.0 - the next generation solution for arid locations

The GCC in general and the UAE in specific has high percentage of its waste water treated, on the other hand it has a low level of waste water reuse! One of the key ways to combat this is to deploy a decentralized solution, treating the waste water close to the source rather than bringing it to a centralized location. Our proven innovative solution is based on Ayala Aqua NBS methodology, which is a though leader in this field. Thanks to the smart design the client receives a cheaper solution, no use of electricity, scalable from 5 cubic meters a day to 50,000 M3 / day and in the process it provides a green spot for the local community to enjoy and 

local reuse of the treated water.

Solutions For: Residential Waste, Livestock Contamination, Industrial Waste, Oil & Gas