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Startup Nation - The Israeli start ups help the economic recovery post COVID-19 crisis

25, February, 2021

A webinar hosted by Uri Fremder a 20 years veteran of the Start ups and High - Tech scene.

Genesis Signed a partnership with    JKK General Trading

26, October, 2021

Genesis Projects is proud to join forces with JKK General Trading a company with strong network in Bahrain & the UAE. With Genesis innovation and execution skills coupled with JKK leadership and the deep knowledge of the local market needs we are eager to demonstrate real value to the citizens of Bahrain, the UAE, our partners and share holders.

Sponsoring the first innovation event

October 13-14, 2021

Genesis Projects is bringing a host of innovation partners in multiple industries from Agriculture to Construction from Water to Productivity tools.

We will show case our Drones, Water and Palms solutions featuring some of the world top experts in their field.